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A village situated approximately 4 miles from Baldock in Hertfordshire is Ashwell.

Spanning several centuries, Ashwell has a wealth of architecture.  From the 14th century, the parish church, which is renowned for its ornate tower, stands at 54m (176feet) and is crowned with an octagonal lantern with a leaded spike.  Carved on the walls of the church is some medieval graffiti which highlights survivors of the bubonic plague, also known as the Black Death.
The village of Ashwell is in a state of fine preservation from town houses to medieval cottages.  There are listed buildings within the village, which include a 16th century town house, now a local museum.  It also has a village lock up, which held suspected criminals and detained drunks!!.  There were a number of local breweries and public houses, but now only 3 public houses are present.
An attractive feature of Ashwell, are the fresh water springs.  Due to the temperatures of the pools of spring water, rare invertebrate animals settle there.

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